Kotaro no Suki

Kunoichi • Entertainer • Dancer

A Doman native sworn to uphold the integrity of her nation. Dressed with a smile and welcoming demeanor to those in her presence, she's trusting, sometimes to a fault, believing in the inherent good in others.

• The Basics •

| Discipline: Shinobi
| Age: 22
| Height: 4'6
| Race: Au Ra
| Subspecies: Raen
| Nickname(s): Sunny Tigress, Bubblegum, Tidal Wave
| Gender: Female
| Status: Heterosexual | Single
| Known Family:
| Ruzoku Kotaro (Status: Unknown)
| Kunoka Yatsurugi (Mother: Status Unknown)
| Ryuki Kotaro (Guardian/Uncle: Active)
| Birthplace: Yanxia
| Religious Discipline: The Kami
| Languages Spoken/Written: Hingan, Doman, Eorzean Common
| Alignment: Neutral Good
| Employment: Golden Whisker Casino, Lucky Sparrow Entertainment Troupe

• Appearance •

Standing at a measly height of 4'6 fulms, Suki could be easy to lose in a crowd - unless she was in the company of Lalafell and Miqo'te on the smaller side. Au Ra women were known to be tiny, but why was this one on the extreme end of the spectrum? An upbringing plagued by malnutrition would surely do it.Despite this unfortunate circumstance, she holds her own. Years upon years of shinobi training and servitude in the Doman military offset her stature with a solid body of lean muscle, layered with cream scaling as one would expect of any Raen. Visible scarring was few and far between, giving credibility to this woman's talent for evasiveness when the going gets tough.A head of long wine-red locks were often pulled back into a high ponytail during times of action or on toastier days. Otherwise, they were free, stretching down to about her lower back. Striking jade irises and brighter limbal rings met friends and newcomers alike with a gentle embrace, free of judgment unless she had a biting grudge to hold - which was a rarity.Overall, Suki made a visible and conscious effort to be clean and put together. Her hair was thoroughly brushed, her skin and scales washed, her horns regularly sanded down, and her tail protrusions trimmed. Ornamentation and jewelry wasn't often a part of her daily look. She was a modest and minimalistic sort, and kept to her Eastern roots with her favor for kimonos and yukatas above all else.

• Quick History •

The heiress of a Doman Shinobi Clan raised penniless under a cruel Imperial reign of Yanxia, now seeking to make the world a better place. (WIP!)

• OOC Info and hooks •

• Out of Character •

Discord: Hanna [Suki] #1537A quick note about IC relationships: I do not blend IC and OOC if your character and mine get into a relationship! Please understand that.If you take a liking to my character and wish to set up some RP, you can contact me through my Discord above! Keep in mind I am on PST, but I can easily adjust if we plan.

• You May Know Her If... •

  • You are/have been a participant in the Doman Liberation Front or reclamation of Yanxia from the Garlean Empire or the Ala Mhigan war efforts in Gyr Abania.

  • You are knowledgable on the entertainment scene. She can be seen performing at venues from time to time, favoring upbeat and bubbly themes in her musical choices.

  • You are/have served under the Garlean Empire in the Yanxian or greater Doman area.

  • You frequent Kugane often - teahouses above all!

  • You have received training from any Eastern Shinobi/Kunoichi, including Oboro Moonrise for those not native to Othard or Hingashi.

  • You have visited the Golden Whisker Casino! She works as a dancer.

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